Coaching / Mentoring / Supervision


The literature is full of definitions. Here are those of EMCC Belgium...


  • Coaching is an art: that of helping a person or a group to develop and enhance their professional, relational and personal potential in the realization of their projects and to take their rightful place in the relationship they have with themselves, others and their environment.
  • Who pays and how much? In the case of a personal initiative of the coachee, it is the coachee who pays the coach; in the case of an initiative sponsored by the employer, it is the employer who pays the coach. As an indication, the hourly rate paid by an individual varies between 60 and 100 euros; that paid by an organization varies from 100 to 300 euros and much more for some renowned coaches.
  • By extension, coaching is an approach that can also be adapted to support a team or an organisation, whatever its area of activity.


  • Mentoring is a learning partnership through the transfer of skills and knowledge from a more experienced person to a less experienced person, through dialogue and modelling.
  • Who's paying? This process, whether it is carried out by a mentor inside or outside the organization, is usually offered to the recipient by their employer.


  • Supervision is a contractual training support, focused both on the development of the supervisee's professional skills and on his personal and relational development, to help him master his job. It is a space to stop, look at oneself and ask oneself how to accompany a person or a group. The Code of Ethics of the EMCC requires that all coaches have a regular supervision of their practice.
  • Who pays and how much? Supervision is paid by the supervisee. As an indication, the hourly rate paid by an individual varies between 100 and 200 euros.
  • By extension, supervision is a process that can also be done in a group or applied to a team.