The profession


To what point is the profession of coach recognized

Is the profession of coach legalized?

In the European Union, there is only one country that has legally recognized this discipline, which leaves the way open to every excess.

However, for several years already, the sector has become more professional thanks to the EMCC - European Mentoring & Coaching Council - in collaboration with the ICF.

A text was submitted in early 2011 with the European Economic and Social Committee aimed at clarifying a shared definition and specifying what the core competencies of a coach should be. It is a first step in this journey towards the recognition of the profession.

A coaching association like EMCC Belgium aims at structuring the field by establishing strict rules of membership and a specific and rigorous code of ethics, which recalls the coaches’ rights and duties. This code is available on our site.

The EMCC Belgium certification process has the determination to promote professional coaches according to the EMCC standards.


Is there a formal degree in coaching?

The profession of coach is not legalized; diplomas or certifications are issued by private institutes, without legal recognition as it is for law or medicine. An EMCC labeling process at national and European level is being developed (EQA), as is currently the case for psychotherapy.

EMCC Belgium has established a set of criteria enabling to choose the best coaching training possible according to professional ethics. The heading "I want to become a coach" lists those criteria.

EMCC Belgium is currently finalizing a file that will allow schools whose leaders are EMCC Belgium certified to display the list of criteria actually met.