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EMCC Belgium strives to give meaning to the coaching profession and highlight the ability of coaches to show life skills, essential to their profession.

Being a certified EMCC Belgium coach means being recognized as a professional coach meeting the following conditions: relevant training, professional practice, supervision and respect of a code of ethics, continuing education and a real work of self-development.

Specific benefits for certified EMCC Belgium members

  • Recognition of qualifications and credibility among the world of business. It is allowed to mention "EMCC Coach" in your communication.
  • Presence in the directory of certified coaches on the website.
  • Benefit from the communication of the association and from the actions highlighting certified coaches.
  • Priority in the publication of articles on the EMCC Belgium blog.
  • Ability to participate in future informative activities of EMCC Belgium.
  • Reduced premium on professional liability insurance.

The procedure of titularization (2012 version)

The certification process is a voluntary process which any EMCC member may engage if he meets the eligibility criteria.

It is currently demanding greater requirements in its access criteria and is divided into two steps: the creation of the application file and the certification interview.

  • The file: The candidate for certification must complete an application file and meet five criteria. The first three are the strict implementation, with quantitative information, of the first three articles of the EMCC code of ethics.

  • Certification process:
    • Respect the rules and the code of ethics.
    • Complete the membership form (subject to validation) and return with the requested attachments (by mail only - no e-mail please).
    • Pay the annual membership fee of € 125 as a contributing member (unless already paid).
    • Pay a fee of € 150 (once) for the certification process (fully refunded if your application is not receivable and no interview takes place).
    • Filling a certification application form (downloadable file).
    • Coming for an interview.
    • Commit to volunteer some of your time in the activities of the association (approximately 15 hours per year).


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Pre-requisites for accessing the EMCC certification

Be trained in basic coaching (120 hours minimum) or prove experience and / or training on which the coach bases his practice.

Practice coaching as a professional:

Attest to a coaching practice with a minimum of 100 hours with a professional experience at last 18 months in an activity of coach.

By coaching practice we mean the realization of sequences individual interviews (or group) of several sessions with a contractual objective to achieve. These interventions are paid or have been the subject of an agreement.

Achievement of (or be well advanced in) a self-development work

  • Attesting an in-depth self-development work, completed or in progress, assisted by a therapist. This work must be separate from any other training or supervision.
  • Attesting an effective and continuous self- development work through readings, attending conferences, symposia.

Be supervised: attest a regular engagement in professional supervision by one or more qualified peers (other than intervision with peers or via coaching school) for a minimum of 1 hour/quarter. These should be available quickly in case of difficulty. The supervisor should himself be trained to coaching and have a proven experience of minimum 5 years and 750 hours of coaching to his credit.

Being engaged in a process of lifelong learning:

Attest to a continuous training of 16 hours minimum / year relative to coaching or useful to the coaching process (eg : systemic, NLP, coaching expertise, transactional analysis, MBTI, EMDR, ...)


Applications for certification are analyzed for admissibility.

If the application for certification is not admissible, EMCC Belgium will inform you and refund the €150 paid to the process.

In case of admissibility, an appointment for an interview is made subject to the availability of coaches who certify. The € 150 paid are due also if the coach is not certified.

Feel free to ask for more information on the admissibility of your case.

The certification interview

The application file is examined by the certification committee and validated as receivable or not.

After admissibility of the case, the candidate is invited to meet with two members of the committee, all certified, who examine his career. Such interviews are conducted simultaneously with rigor and kindness. If the candidate gets the certification, he is notified within the week after the interview.If he doesn’t, he is informed by one of two committee members who conducted the interview.

The newly certified EMCC member can publish his profile in the "I'm looking for a coach" section of the association's website.

He may also communicate the fact that he or she is a member of EMCC Belgium.

Upon renewal of his subscription, the coach will pay a sum of 175 € as a certified member.