EMCC Belgium strives to give ever more meaning to the profession of coach and to highlight the ability of coaches to demonstrate the interpersonal skills essential to the know-how of their profession.

Being EMCC accredited means being recognised as a professional coach who has met the following conditions: appropriate training, regular professional practice and supervision, adherence to a code of ethics, continuous training and genuine personal development work

Specific advantages for accredited members of EMCC Belgium

  • Recognition of qualification and credibility with companies. It is authorised to mention "Accredited EIA Coach by the EMCC" in your communication
  • Insertion in the directory of accredited Coaches on the EMCC Global website
  • Benefit from the association's communication and actions to promote accredited coaches
  • Accreditation is often required from the European Institutions and the numerous headquarters established in Belgium.

European Individual Accreditation - EIA

The EIA (European Individual Accreditation) is an accreditation system (or recognition by peers) that validates the level of professionalism of a coach by their:

  • Skills,
  • Experiences,
  • Attitudee,
  • Approach,
  • Reflective practice.

EIA accreditation takes place at 4 levels::

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Senior Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner

The assessment considers 8 categories of skills:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Commitment to personal and professional development
  3. Contract management
  4. Building the relationship
  5. Support for the emergence of awareness and lessons
  6. Focus on results and action
  7. Use of models and techniques
  8. Evaluation

It is therefore indeed a professional path which progressively progresses the coach from Foundation to Master (via Practitioner and Senior Practitioner). Committing to it allows clients to guarantee that the level of professionalism has been validated and recognised at European level by senior peers at the end of a demanding process whose professional development dimension is recognised.

Downloadable documents:

The process differs depending on whether the candidate comes from an EMCC (called EQA: European Quality Award) certified school or not and whether or not he holds accreditation from another professional association.

The list of EQA labelled schools can be found here:

For candidates certified by EQA training for less than 2 years:

For candidates from other training:

For candidates certified by ICF or other::

For candidates renewing their accreditation (at the same level):

For candidates upgrading to the next level:


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