About EMCC

Meeting point for all those involved in coaching

EMCC Belgium is an association open to all professionals with an actual practice of coaching:

  • Coaches, consultants, conselours
  • Trainers, psychotherapists
  • Human Resource managers

The EMCC Belgium professionals have an effective practice of coaching (as a main or as a complementary activity), and a specific training being conducted or underway.

All forms of coaching are represented:

  • Professional Coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Coaching in organizations
  • Multicultural coaching in accordance with various reference model
  • School coaching
  • Etc ...

What is a professional coaching association?

A professional coaching association plays an internal and external role to the world of coaching.

Internally, it offers coaches a meeting place and creates events.

Externally, it brings credibility to the coaching profession, an all the more important task that the profession is not yet certified. This is the reason why EMCC Belgium has implemented a procedure for titularization of practicing coaches. The EMCC Belgium works in concert with the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) as a representative at the Belgian level.