8 competences (UK)


8 Competences


Demonstrates awareness of own values, beliefs and behaviors, recognizes their influence on practice and uses this awareness to manage their impacts in client encounter, and, when appropriate, with the sponsors goals.

Personal development commitment

Continuously explore and improve their standards of practice and maintain the reputation of the profession.

Managing the Contract

Establishes and manages the expectations and limits of the coaching contract with the client and, when appropriate, with the sponsor.

Building the relationship/Building rapport

Builds and manages with skill a relationship of trust conducive to development for the client in collaboration, when applicable, with the sponsor.

Enable awareness and learning

Work with the client and sponsor to bring out awareness and learning.

Result and action oriented

Demonstrates approach and use of abilities / skills to help client make desired changes.

Use of models and techniques

Uses models, tools, techniques and ideas going beyond simple communication skills to bring out awareness and learning.


Brings together evidence about the effectiveness of one's practice and helps establish a culture of evaluating results.