Mission and vision

3 Main Objectives of EMCC Belgium:

  • European Level Recognition of Coaching Profession
    The profession of coach is spreading and calls for more and more quality, strong technical as well as interpersonal skills, ethics and professionalism.
  • A Network of Coaches
    Creating a dimension of sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences among all the members from different professional backgrounds (human resources, training, coaching, therapy).
  • Social Responsibility
    In which we include solidarity. Coaching should not be a support for a minority of individuals and associations. The "solidarity coaching", established and developed with volunteer coaches, is proposed to associations in lack of financial resources.

Why EMCC and not ECA?

We started off as the European Coaching Association (ECA), but became involved in the EMCC in 2008. With this we became a European association represented in over 18 countries; including Currently,the EMCC is officially represented in a series of European countries such as: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey and The United Kingdom. We thus contribute to give coaching a real European identity with a specifically European approach.

EMCC: www.emccouncil.org

EMCC Vision and Purpose

At the European level, the EMCC aims at promoting the good practice in mentoring and coaching.

The principles guiding the EMCC are:

  • EMCC is an inclusive organization and is open to all public interested in the promotion of the quality and development of coaching and mentoring
  • EMCC is a Pan-European organization
  • EMCC is a non-profit, neutral and independent organization
  • EMCC is designed to gather any person or organization:
    • Proposing coaching or mentoring services (including training and supervision)
    • In connection with research in the areas of coaching and mentoring
    • Likely to buy coaching or mentoring sessions
    • EMCC promotes the adoption of quality standards

    EMCC Objectives:

    • Promote the good practices of coaching in Europe
      Promote the good practices of coaching in Europe, defend the profession to the European institutions.
    • Create a community of coaches to exchange and share knowledge and experiences
      The ECA and the EMCC regularly organize conferences and workshops, seminars, groups of reflection and sharing of experience, in Belgium and at a European level.
    • Defend and promote the coaching and mentoring good practices throughout Europe
      The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) aims at defending the trades of coaching and mentoring throughout Europe, as well as promoting the good practices related to these trades. The EMCC is a pan-European organization composed of formal structures with local correspondents in several European countries.