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Détails de votre entreprise
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Master in Conference Interpretation’ – I.S.T.I. – Brussels (Belgium) 1980 – 1985

Continuous education
- Solvay Business School, Brussels – UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium): Business Administration
- Krauthammer University: leadership, management, strategic negotiation, public speaking, time management
- Other seminars and training programs: languages, finance, sales, coaching, Socratic approach to coaching, facilitation, priority management, NLP, change management, team building/team dynamics, conflict resolution, multicultural management, executive coaching, systemic analysis of organizations, collective intelligence, creativity and innovation tools (six thinking hats, world café, collective design of a vision, Blue Ocean Strategy), Belbin.

DISC, MBTI I & II, CCL Assessments, CCL Change Style Indicator, FIRO-B, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, 360° Voices, Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, Hogan, viaEdge(learning agility), Hay McBer Leadership Styles, Korn Ferry Executive To Leader Institute (ELI), Korn Ferry CEO succession practice.

The 2001 Daniel E.Koshland Award
Koshland Award - June 2002
Global Award - Insight Development Team @ Levi Strauss
Transformation of the Sales Forces from a sell-in to a sell-out focus with a more consultant type of approach.

Belgian member of the Board of Directors of Union Française des Etrangers (UFE Belgique). Advanced Communicator at Toastmasters International. Member of EMCC.


Top Leadership Expert, Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Speaker.

Olivier, owner and founder of PHC has 30+ years of experience in leadership transformation with practical and theoretical background. He has worked with High Potentials, Executives and C-suite levels. He worked for several corporations including Center for Creative Leadership and Korn Ferry, a global organizational consulting firm, synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance for its clients. At Korn Ferry, his last corporate position, he was Partner and Director of Korn Ferry Advisory Belgium & Luxembourg. He was part of the Global C-Suite Development Practice and an EMEA co-leader of the Executive to Leader Institute. He is a certified executive and team coach by Korn Ferry. He also has a vast experience in executive assessments.
Olivier has worked with high potentials and executives in and from the 5 continents. He is culturally sensitive, uses English and French in his interventions, and has knowledge of Spanish and Dutch.
Olivier speaks from experience. He is known for his insights, energy, and authenticity. He has led, been led, advised leaders and has faced transformational challenges both professionally as personally. Throughout the years, he has also developed a global network of professionals.


In the course of his career as an entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator, consultant, Olivier has developed a vast network of clients, colleagues, partners. He has more than 1000 hours of coaching experience. He deals with strategic and operational leadership questions for more than 1500 hours per year. This gives him breadth and depth of experience. With clients across EMEA in European and global organizations.


Executive, leadership & high po development. Coaching, consulting, facilitation, speaking. Leadership and management experience. Works and intervenes in English & French. Speaks Spanish & Dutch. Some German.
Entrepreneurship, strong leadership, visionary, strategic, creative, multicultural, purpose-driven, authentic, emotionally intelligent, resilient, agile, D&I, sensitive. ENTJ-A.