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Détails de votre entreprise
Paul Schuchhard Coaching
Scepterstraat 41
1050 Brussels
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Master in Counseling, The Netherlands (2013)
Master in Coaching, The Netherlands (20110)
Master European Studies, University of Amsterdam (1994)

Sports Performance Nutritionist (International Sports and Science Association)
Functional Fitness (ISSA)


My 25 years of international business experience, intercultural knowledge, and diverse education allows me to help individuals hone their professional, communication and psychological skills. This can help you succeed in the new digital (disruptive!) environment.

This year I have been in Brussels 25 years, with a business career behind me that includes in-house communications for a large multinational, lobbying and public affairs in Strasbourg and Brussels; and finally two positions as director of digital communication strategy for 3 major Brussels Communication agencies (Burson-Marsteller, Interel)

In 2008 I decided to set up my own small digital agency so that I could study psychology and coaching next to my work, because I wanted to transition from working in business to working with people.

I offer different types of coaching in different areas of life. Life coaching, Burnout coaching, Career coaching, and Executive coaching.

In Life coaching the focus is exploring your life goals, on finding balance and fulfilment in life. This can include specific personal projects, transitions in your personal life, relationships or professional life . We also look at obstacles your face and courses of action you can take to overcome them.

Burnout coaching is specifically geared towards preventing you to burn out. When you feel out of energy all the time and are struggling to recover to handle a new day, you need to take action to prevent it going further. Recovering from a burnout is a much longer process than preventing it from happening. Since there is only so much ongoing stress your body can take, we use specific courses of action to start getting you to recover your energy.

Career coaching specifically focusses on your career, career perspectives, and if necessary on career transition, or dealing with the fallout from being let go. Also, we look at the skills you currently have and if you need new ones or improve existing ones. Often Career coaching also leads us into areas of Life coaching as well, as the two are closely connected.

Executive coaching is about your personal leadership when leading others. We look at your leadership style and on how you lead yourself. The aim is to look at where you currently know versus where you would like to be. Then we discuss strategy to get you to that desired state.

Overall, I strongly believe that we all have a unique purpose, something that would make us most happy and fulfilled. Often there are obstacles in the way between our dreams and reality. These obstacles can be certain insights we need to gain, ideas we need to let go of, or fear of failure( or success). The idea behind my coaching is to work on a clear path with clear goals and sustainable energy.

I often get asked what methods I use. The theories behind my coaching come from systems psychology, transactional analysis (TA), neurolinguistic programming (NLP and) coginitive behavioral psychology (CBT)


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Burnout Prevention
Life Coaching
Career Coaching
Executive Coaching