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What is coaching?

Coaching is accompanying a person or a group of people in achieving career or personal goals. Through a co-construction process encouraging empowerment, coach and client form a dynamic partnership through which the customer can remove barriers to his/her development, bring out new resources and skills, improve performance, and develop his/her potential.


Who can use coaching?

Coaching is for everyone and is therefore not restricted to top management. Its public is extremely varied. There may be individuals who wish to achieve personal goals, but also teams or organizations, in all fields of human activity.

In the professional sphere, we must distinguish two types of individual coaching: coaching a person privately (she personally pays her coach) and coaching a person sponsored by an organization (the organization pays the coach).

When coaching addresses several people, one speaks of team or group coaching.


How much does it cost?

In private, it varies from 40 to 70 euros per hour.

For a company, it varies from 120 to 500 euros per hour for some renowned coaches.

In the context of associations or holders of community projects with no financial means, they can turn to the solidary coaching created by our association.