Coach supervision

The supervisors, or coaches’ coaches, allow coaches to benefit from a space of exchange and to take a step back. This is necessary for coaches to progress with the people they accompany, and ensure quality interventions.

Regular supervision is required for a confirmed EMCC coach. Its duration, frequency, place, contract and the framework can vary depending on the type of coaching.

The EMCC supervision workshops are exclusively reserved to our members and primarily granted to members providing solidarity coaching.

These supervisions are held once a month and are free.

Places are limited to 10 for group supervision.

To register for the next supervisions, please click the activities calendar - see link.

What is a supervisor?

Who can claim to be qualified as a supervisor ?

Coaching is a relatively new field of activity and the scope of supervising coaches remains largely unexplored.

The EMCC Belgium standards for supervisors are:

  • Being specifically trained in coaching
  • Have a minimum of 5 years' experience as a coach and a minimum of 750 hours of coaching work
  • Distinction between supervising coaches and therapists
  • Compliance with the EMCC code of ethics

The EMCC is currently working on an accreditation process of supervisors.

See: Brigid Proctor: "Fundamental Themes in Clinical Supervision" of John R. Cutcliffe, Tony Butterworth, Brigid Proctor Routledge and Group Supervision: "A Guide to Creative Practice" Brigid Proctor in SAGE.


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