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Solidary coaching

The vocation of EMCC

is to open coaching to the highest number and allow individuals and associations, whose financial situation would eliminate the possibility of this type of support, to have access to it anyway. The framework of a "solidary coaching" is identical to that of a "standard" coaching.

Who can benefit?

  • Any recognized charitable, cultural, social or humanitarian association (ASBL) that don’t have sufficient financial resources to resort to a classical coaching intervention. The objective of the coaching must be different from the purpose of the association (e.g. an association dealing with battered women will not benefit from coaching for these women, but for the supervisory staff).
  • Anyone with a project in the non-market sector and without adequate financial resources for a classical coaching intervention.

Coaching can cover only one or several members of the staff in the form of an individual or team coaching session.

Is solidary coaching for free?

No, experience has shown us that solidarity does not necessarily mean free. However, EMCC offers a rate equivalent to a third of the usual price on the market. This funding essentially aims at ensuring the commitment of the parties in the process of accompaniment. In general, the solidary coaching process varies from 8 to 15 hours.

Can the association or the person choose the coach?

Yes, EMCC Belgium sends you a list of coaches who offer volunteer solidary coaching and who can meet the request contained in the folder.

What are the criteria for acceptance?

  • The association has a humanitarian, social or cultural mission
  • The association is able to prove that it has insufficient financial resources for a classical coaching intervention
  • The objective of the coaching must be different from the purpose of the association
  • The association has not previously benefited from a solidary coaching by EMCC Belgium
  • The association is established in Belgium
  • The request is a request for support: counseling, training or any other type of work outside accompaniment, does not fall within the acceptance criteria.

How to apply?

Simply contact our association via mail. We will answer your questions and help you to build your application. We want to simplify the process as much as possible in order for you to obtain a solidary coaching.


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